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Tourism Facts and Figures

Tourism statistics are available at every level of the industry: national, regional and local.


VisitBritain's corporate website has an insights and statistics section including:

  • headline tourism statistics for the UK
  • detailed visitor statistics about visitors to the UK
  • regular publications including Market Profiles, Foresight and Trends Updates
  • market intelligence about each market in which VisitBritain has a presence
  • analysis and commentary on a wide range of issues that impact on tourism
  • trends & forecasts

VisitEngland's corporate website has information at a national level:

  • figures on overnight domestic tourism
  • figures on serviced accommodation occupancy
  • annual and quarterly figures on day visits to attractions in England
  • results of surveys of tourism day visits in England
  • industry assessment of recent performance and expectation for the coming period
  • a factbook for tourism in England


Tourism South East's corporate website has research for the South and South East of England, such as:


The Oxfordshire Cotswolds, the official local tourism group covering West Oxfordshire, conducts a number of informal surveys as well as commissioning an annual Economic Impact Assessment:

Other Oxfordshire Cotswolds data

  • Oxfordshire Cotswolds website statistics
    - Hits: 2014 - 12.2m
    - Hits: 2015 - 17.1m (up 40% on 2014)
    - Unique visitors: 2014 - 275,726
    - Unique visitors: 2015 - 371,857 (up 35% on 2014)
  • Oxfordshire Cotswolds social media channels
    - Facebook: (at 1 Jan 2016) - 1,710 likes (up 67% since 1 Jan 2015)
    - Twitter: (at 1 Jan 2016) - 3,616 followers (up 36% since 1 Jan 2015)

The Oxfordshire County Council website contains some countywide tourism figures for Oxfordshire



Angel, Witney


Witney pub - close to Church Green and St Mary's Church.