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Kencot Church


The great wealth of local, medieval wool merchants paid for many of the churches in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds and many of their spires dominate the skyline for miles around. Burford’s church is particularly fine with a number of fascinating monuments, including some 1649 graffiti on its lead font.

There are a number of famous burials in Oxfordshire Cotswolds churches, including Sir Winston Churchill’s grave at Bladon, William Morris' at Kelmscott and four of the Mitford sisters at SwinbrookBampton’s St Mary’s Church has become famous as the church in Downton Abbey where the wedding of Mary Crawley took place. Other churches have ornate tombs, medieval brasses, wall paintings or, like the church at Widford, a stunning location as well.

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Cotswold Wildlife Park rhinos

Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens

One of Oxfordshire’s top attractions and one of the most beautiful wildlife parks in the country, Cotswold Wildlife Park is a superb mix of animals,…

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  1. Leafield Church

    Add Leafield - St Michael and All Angels Church to your Itinerary

    Leafield - St Michael and All Angels Church


    Church / Chapel


    Designed in 1859 by Sir George Gilbert Scott, St Michael and All Angels was consecrated in 1860, although the spire, a distinctive feature on the horizon for many miles around, was not completed until 1874.

  2. Broadwell Church cDerek Cotterill

    Add Broadwell - St Peter & St Paul's Church to your Itinerary

    Broadwell - St Peter & St Paul's Church


    Church / Chapel


    This large medieval cruciform church, with a north and south transept, dates back to the 12th to 14th centuries and reflects the importance of Broadwell (or Bradwell) at that time. Nowadays it stands in a small village of a few houses, with another small village, Kencot, just beyond the eastern…

  3. St Britius Church in Brize Norton

    Add Brize Norton - St Britius Church to your Itinerary

    Brize Norton - St Britius Church


    Church / Chapel

    Brize Norton

    This is the only church in England dedicated to St. Britius, who was canonised in 443 A.D.

    The church itself is Norman, consisting of a chancel and a nave, and was enlarged in the 13th century when a North aisle, the Wenman Chapel and the West tower were added. In 1868 G. E. Street carried out…

  4. St Peter's Church in Cassington

    Add Cassington - St Peter's Church to your Itinerary

    Cassington - St Peter's Church


    Church / Chapel


    St Peter's is a fine Norman church with lovely woodwork and glass. It was built in the early years of the 12th century by Geoffrey de Clinton, treasurer to Henry I. The church was altered and added to in the 14th century - these changes included the spire and porches and the insertion of new…

  5. St James the Great Church in South Leigh

    Add South Leigh - St James the Great Church to your Itinerary

    South Leigh - St James the Great Church


    Church / Chapel

    South Leigh

    There has been a church here since Norman times, although most of the existing church is late 15th century there is a Norman doorway in the south wall. The church is full of interest with several fine medieval wall paintings: the Virgin and St Michael (on the south wall), a lively Last Judgement…

  6. St James Church Fulbrook

    Add Fulbrook - St James the Great Church to your Itinerary

    Fulbrook - St James the Great Church


    Church / Chapel


    St James the Great Church is a fine example of a Norman church that managed to escape overly enthusiastic Victorian restoration. The north aisle was added about 1200 and the porch in the late 13th century. This fine building containing memorials to several 17th century families (including a lovely…

  7. St Nicholas Church, Asthall

    Add Asthall - St Nicholas Church to your Itinerary

    Asthall - St Nicholas Church


    Church / Chapel


    A 12th century church in the Windrush Valley, with a 14th century transept converted into a chantry chapel. This has a very rare small 14th century altar with a built-in piscina, two reliquaries and a huge tomb recess housing a delicately carved effigy of the Lady Joan Cornwall in a wimple. Rare…

  8. St Kenelm's Church in Enstone (photo courtesy of

    Add Enstone - St Kenelm's Church to your Itinerary

    Enstone - St Kenelm's Church


    Church / Chapel


    The earliest church here dates from around 850 AD and the present church has thirteen centuries of history with nine phases of building, rebuilding and change. There is a beautiful 14th century stone porch with the ceiling divided into eight sections, supported and decorated with carved stone…

  9. Heythrop - St Nicholas' Church

    Heythrop - St Nicholas' Church


    Church / Chapel

    Chadlington, Chipping Norton

    Heythrop has two churches. The main church was built in the 1870s, using local stone, by Albert Brassey, who owned Heythrop Park. It is typical of the Victorian gothic style and is in good order. It has three bells but these are only able to be chimed. As the only public building in the parish it…

  10. St Giles Church in Standlake

    Add Standlake - St Giles Church to your Itinerary

    Standlake - St Giles Church


    Church / Chapel


    Like so many churches, St Giles Church is medieval in origin but has had many alterations and restorations over the years. The unusual octagonal tower dates to the 14th century and during the extensive Victorian restoration in the 1880s, Clapton C Rolfe redesigned its roof with elaborately carved…

  11. St Mary Magdalene Church in Woodstock, Oxfordshire

    Add Woodstock - St Mary Magdalene Church to your Itinerary

    Woodstock - St Mary Magdalene Church


    Church / Chapel


    St Mary Magdalene Church was built in the reign of Henry I for the convenience of the court during royal visits to the royal hunting lodge of Woodstock Manor - the main parish church was (and remained for centuries) at St Martin's Church in Bladon, for which St Mary Magdalene was a chapel at ease…